Saturday, February 7, 2009

PSA: Where to Get Your Winter Greens

Hello!  Today is just beautiful.  I spent the morning at Cafe Eclectic and the afternoon watching squirrels frolic in my backyard.  Is is too soon to start dreaming of the markets re-opening?

Well, maybe it is.  In that case, fret not, for there are industrious Memphians working out how to eat locally even in what is technically still winter.  Case in point: Memphis Locally Grown.  This is an online market that connects local growers/artisans with customers.  I met Aaron Shafer, who runs the market online and out of his home, a couple weekends ago while buying winter greens from Van Cheeseman, and he explained how it works:  you log onto the website and see what local growers are offering for sale this week.  For example, right now Van is offering his greens, and it looks like there will be some eggs and bread items up soon as well.  Aaron said he expects more growers to join in over time.  When you decide what you want, you place your order, and then pick it up at Aaron's home on Thursdays or Fridays.

This seems like a nice option for those of us seeking to keep our food dollars in the community, even when the markets aren't running.  I'm not sure how it will work when they do re-open, but I'm sure that being able to pre-order is a boon to people who can't make it to the markets (or who show up late and miss all the good stuff!)  I am pretty excited for a regular supply of pastured eggs!  (From my last score, I've made french toast, chocolate cake, a frittata, and eggnog---post-seasonal what?!)

Oh, yes, you'll be wanting the website!

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