Monday, March 30, 2009

Butter Lettuce and Kielbasa Salad

Whew!  The crazyness of moot court is finally over (for me and my partner at least; we made it pretty far, but posted our final L this weekend), and it's amazing what else is in the world when you get your head out of statutes.  Like... crisp spring greens, for example!  Remember how I was saying how I was craving fresh things?  Van Cheeseman heard my cry, along with the cries of other similarly-greens-deprived Memphians, and came to our rescue with all manners of crunchy lettuces.  (He's also been growing shiitakes on logs, and I hope to get my hands on some before the harvest is gone!)

Anyway, this is a simple, celebratory lunch.  The salad dressing is my grandma's recipe and reminds me of home.

Butter Lettuce and Kielbasa Salad

Half a head of butter lettuce (very mild and tender) or however much you want to eat
1 fresh beef kielbasa link (mine is from West Wind Farms)

Salad Dressing
1 large clove garlic, grated (I used a finely-chopped shallot)
2 tsp sugar
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoon vinegar (my grandma uses sherry, if I remember right; I used red wine)
4 tablespoons oil (she uses "salad oil" AKA canola; I used half canola, half extra virgin olive)
(These measurements make a good deal of dressing; just use enough to lightly coat your lettuce and save the rest)

Wash up your lettuce.

Cook up your kiel.

Mash up your garlic with the sugar, salt, and pepper.

Mix up the garlic with the vinegar/oil.

Tear up your lettuce.

Toss lightly with dressing and top with cut-up kiel.  So.  Easy.  And crunchy/mellow.  Oh yeah, Spring, you are here.

In other domestic news:

We have sprouts!!

Feed me, Seymour...


  1. Your grandma uses vegetable oil and cider vinegar.



  2. You're eating more meals with her these days than I am! Thanks for the clarification.