Monday, April 20, 2009

Taking Finals in Memphis

An embarrassment of riches:

Or, the market is open for business!  Last Saturday I headed down to Central Station super-early (I had oral arguments at 11, but no way that was going to stop me) to check out the spring bounty.  In my head, I toyed with the notion of buying a whole roasting chicken from West Wind Farms and celebrating the new season, you know, with a large chunk of centerpiece protein.  But once I got there, oh, my love of vegetables won over.  Those radishes beckoned me from Whitton Farms' table, so coy and blushing.  So what if they're a cool-weather crop and I'd snacked on them in October, a mere 6 months ago?  These were spring radishes, far less peppery, cool and positively singing spring.  And it was all downhill from there; the spring onions from Downing Hollow Farms taste amazing mashed into a butter, and I have omelet-type plans for Van Cheeseman's shiitake mushrooms and Bonnie Blue Farms' eggs and goat cheese.  That'll teach me to go to the market with plans.  All in all, such a wonderful morning, seeing familiar faces and catching up on what people had been up to over the winter.

But with spring comes a different kind of event in the life cycle of a law student:

Yes, it is also exam season, so there will not be any posts from me for a while, probably not until they are over on May 8th.  Until then, send me good thoughts so I can complete the holy exam trinity with positive karma.  I've already got the first two elements in spades:

So, a temporary goodbye, but I shall return, with so much more time to share delicious meals from the mid-south.  Until then, I remain,


PS That is an accurate rendering of me.

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