Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Corn Fritters with Feta and Bok Choy

Hello, Laziness!  Remember me?  It's been a while since we hung out, but I promised I'd be back, and here I am, and I brought my friends, Stack-of-Books, Cup-of-Coffee, and Long-Sunshiney-Mornings.  We're going to stay for a while, so I hope you cleaned up the guest room.

Indeed, it is that most SPF-ful of seasons, my beloved summer, and I have a couple of glorious weeks in which to do nothing before my internship starts.  "Nothing" in that sentence actually means "house sitting in the suburbs," so if you see different (and much nicer) cookware in the next few weeks' posts, that is why.

It's not technically high corn season yet, but Jessica's mom had given me some they cut and froze from their garden last summer.  I kept lingering over this page in Local Flavors, so I broke out the frozen veggies.  The original recipe calls for cheddar and arugula instead of feta and bok choy, which would be just as much of a study in contrasts as my improvised version:  sweet corn, salty feta, grassy herbs, and mustardy bok choy.  I even left the centers less-than-firm, so the crispness of the greens was a nice foil to interior softness of the fritters.  (Also, it is the south, and I am game for anything called "_____ Fritters").  The measurements in the recipe below are as-called-for in the cookbook; mostly, though, this was an "eh, that looks about right" job.

Corn Fritters with Feta and Bok Choy
adapted from Local Flavors by Deborah Madison

6 ears sweet corn, about 3 cups' worth of kernels
2 eggs, beaten
4 spring onions, including an inch of the greens, finely sliced (Whitton Farms)
1/2 cup chopped parsley
2 tablespoons shredded basil or dill
1 cup grated or crumbled cheese (feta from Bonnie Blue Farms)
1/3 cup AP flour
sea salt and ground pepper
unsalted butter or oil for frying
as much greens, washed and torn, as you like (bok choy from Flora at Bluebird Farms)

Chop up your herbs and spring onions.

Slice the tops of the kernels off the corn, then reverse your knife and press out the milk (already done, thanks Mama L!).  Mix the kernels and scrapings with the eggs, scallions, herbs and cheese.

Add as much flour as can easily be absorbed.  Season with 1/2 tsp salt and some pepper.

Melt enough butter or heat enough oil to coat a wide skillet generously (can I just say that I *heart* Deborah Madison because she doesn't split infinitives?  I was an English major and old habits die HARD).  Drop the batter into the skillet, flatten slightly to cook more evenly.  Fry over medium heat until golden, about 2 minutes on each side.  Keep them on a cookie sheet in an oven warmed to about 200 degrees as you work in batches.

Top with greens, and serve right away, with some summer reading material.

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