Wednesday, June 3, 2009

One thing I am very good at...

is keeping secrets!  A secret I kept this past month:  my plans to go home for my brother's high school and my sister's associate's degree graduations.  Last Wednesday I flew down to the sunny state of Florida for a bit of mischief and mayhem and ended up having a joyful brief getaway with friends, family, and food.  Because I am a bit tired from Internship With Legal Nonprofit, I shall present to you Graduation Weekend, in Picture Format!

My co-conspirator.  Hey, Peter, do you have anything to eat? I'm starving.

Getting closer, getting excited.

The homestead.

Mom's breakfast creation: BT (without the L) on an english muffin + grated Parmesan.  Plus coffee.

In their off hours, my parents are small-time pineapple farmers.

My Jewish grandmother's famous salad dressing.

Let's go to the market!  ("Is that all you ever think about--food?" - Peter)

Florida sweets at our local farmstand---Vidalias?  Who needs Vidalias?

Florida peaches!  From our own south Florida county, even---not from north Florida, as mom and I had assumed.

Hey, does anyone have the Scalloped Potatoes for Eighty recipe lying around?

Mom, back in the saddle.


The fruits of my labor, destined to be mixed with peaches and blueberries for crepe filling: cow-pasture blackberries.

The road back to Memphis begins.

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