Sunday, July 19, 2009

Triumphant Return!

Readers (all seven of you)!  I have returned from the Land of No Interwebs and have a backlog of posts to get yall caught up on.  What did I do with my July when I wasn't hanging out with my girl Sarah Haskins, re-watching old Buffy episodes, or indulgently revisiting my pre-pubescent days?  In between trying my hand at designing on a dime, pulling up the garlic, finding out I made law review, and counting the blossoms on my tomato plants, I've managed to cook a lot of delicious stuff.  The penury of winter seems so far away now that big, showy produce is draped all over the market and weekend dinner menus write themselves.  (My night to cook last week:  Corn on the cob, caprese salad+cucumbers and salami, eggplant gratin [recipe coming], and ratatouille).

Conjuring closets from bookshelves:

Garlic: the Easiest Thing to Grow, Ever:

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