Sunday, July 19, 2009

Whitton Farms' First Annual Feastival

Another awesome July event was Jill and Keith Forrester's party up at their farm in Tyronza, Arkansas.  The pictures mostly tell the story---it's evident from the attention to detail that the Forresters are really committed to growing quality produce and flowers, and enjoy the time they spend on their land.  Walking around their acreage felt very home-y, like their personalities extended from one living space--the house--to another--the land.  Also got to have one of the best lunches of my life, cooked by 12 Memphis chefs!

A fearsome longhorn

A rock-star pony (check out that 'hawk!)

Yesss---church pews.  Mom, Dad, looks like you aren't the only ones who consider them viable home seating.

Baby swiss chard--ankle-high

Attack of the monster greenhouse swiss chard!!  Waist-high

Shiitake mushroom logs

Drill into log, insert mushroom spores, cap holes with wax, let spores take over log, om-nom-nom.

What's for lunch?  Everything on this menu, for starters.

Plus chard salad, mini burgers, gumbo, cheesy grits with leeks, Berkshire pork, cannoli (the latter two I ate even before I sat down), a spicy summer squash casserole that came later

...and peach cobbler with homemade ice cream, obvs.


  1. I love what you did with the bookshelves (previous post) and the party is making me ooze jealousy. Next weekend I'm going to visit the Syracuse farmer's market for the first time. I'll be thinking of you!

  2. 'Allo, Joe! Nice to hear from you. Have a great time at the Syracuse market, and let me know what's in season up there. We had some downpours recently and it seems like there's a bumper crop of all the heat-loving summer produce down here.