Sunday, November 1, 2009

Not a Dear John Letter

Dear readers,

I hate that I am neglecting this little bloglet of mine---trust me, I very much wish I could be updating more often!  Unfortunately, the convergence of research, classes, and getting ready for exams have left me with terribly insufficient time to browse fashion sites, make cookies, call old friends, and generally indulge my whims.  Such is the life of a 2L.  The time will return, I am positive, but it might not be for a while.  So, to those who are still reading (thank you), I promise that I will be back whenever it is that I can be.  I hope you will be, too.



  1. You'll have to write something much more grievous in order to lose my subscription. Maybe a post dedicated to kitten cuisine (cockroaches sans heads comes to mind). You're safe on my RSS feed for now! Things that you love shouldn't be an added stress on top of everything else; come back when you're ready. =)

  2. I miss your postings because it's like an extra phone conversation with you.....only this way you get to do all the talking!!!! Had our first bonfires this weekend...can't wait for you to be home for Christmas so we can toss some foil wrapped apples or banana's on the coals and sit on the bench under a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate, waiting for them to cook while be generally mesmerized by the dancing flames. Then we'll pull the apples (or banana's) out of the fire ...unwrap them smoother them in whipped cream and devour them...Chewy can have her own bowl of whipped cream.

  3. That sounds amazing. One more month and the Chewster and I will head south for the winter!

  4. Missed you at Mama Alice's Thanksgiving feast... and I don't use that term loosely--19 lb turkey for seven! (Ben invited a friend who's folks were out of town). She slacked off and only offered up five different deserts this year... Fresh apple sauce and apple-craisen-nut pie/crisp were my contributions. That and washing dishes! Loading up massive amounts of leftovers now to take home. We'll head to Hunsaders when you get home and cook up some yummy memories. 3 weeks to go! Hang in there. Mom

  5. I hope you all gained the requisite five pounds necessary to leave the house... I had fresh venison. Ahh. Holidays. In. Tennessee.

    Have also recently come into some soft pretzels, so as soon as exams are over, I am going to have those with the Hunsaders cherry butter you sent me.