Sunday, December 27, 2009

Grace Memphis

Hey all.  I'm still in Florida, with all of the country-living-spotty-internet-connection that implies.  However, since the first draft of my law review note is due tomorrow, I'm allowing myself the internet indulgences I normally self-deny...

Here's a review of a great new Memphis restaurant: Grace, in Cooper-Young.  It opened in October, and the focus is on the experience of dining out, of eating well, and of having someone else prepare a delicious meal for you.  The menu changes often, and, from what I hear and read, is consistently elegant and satisfying.  I've only gone once, but the charcuterie platter and the poached pear were memorable, as was the space itself (pale green walls, low lighting, white tablecloths, furniture straight out of an Anthropologie composition).  Make a resolution to try it during 2010!  The entrees are admittedly out of the grad-student-budget price range this blog tries to stay within, but you can make a lovely light meal out of a bottle of wine, appetizers and dessert. 

Back to cross-referencing footnotes.  When I'm done, I'll think about where I want to eat when I return to the city in January.

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