Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Restaurants in Cooper-Young

Check out this piece from the Memphis Flyer about new places to eat and drink opening in Cooper-Young. Dish and the Blue Fish both closed recently, and while it looks like we'll be getting seafood back in Blue Fish's new incarnation as Reef, a more pleasant surprise to me was that Grace will be expanding into a new coffee shop and that we'll also be getting a Carolina low-country place to eat (the only other one I can think of in town is Felicia Suzanne's, a little off the grad student budget radar).

Now, I proudly call Cooper-Young my 'hood, but I think the writing has been on the wall for Dish for a while now. It just wasn't inviting or inexpensive enough to attract me on my casual nights out (ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I present to you Exhibit A: the trifecta of Young Avenue Deli, Cafe Ole, and Celtic Crossing). And I always thought its tapas were a little precious and overpriced to be considered finer dining. Besides, when Grace moved in, it cornered that market. I only ate at Blue Fish a few times (see Exhibit A), so I don't have as much to say there, but I always enjoyed it when I did. Probably because someone else was paying. I think the neighborhood is right to focus on more casual eateries, so I'll be intrigued to see how this new low-country restaurant, Sweet Grass, plays out.

There's also chatter on the comments about a Mellow Mushroom moving in. Does anyone have thoughts on that? I ate at one in Gainesville, Florida about a million years ago and honestly didn't think it was anything special.

Today I'm going to make a honey-thyme apple pie from a recipe in the winter Edible Memphis. It looks pretty awesome, so check back soon for the post!
ETA: Blue Fish, not Blue Fin! I always mess those two up. For the record, Blue Fin is still kickin' downtown and has not closed.

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  1. There's a newish Mellow Mushroom in G'town. I've never been, myself. My brother Ken, ex-Garibaldi's delivery driver that he is, is a "fan" of it on Facebook. For whatever that's worth!