Friday, August 20, 2010

Apple Mint + Lemon Balm Summer Tisane

The heat in Memphis is not letting up -- yesterday it was almost 100 and I just. couldn't. take it anymore. Aside from putting a moratorium on any stove use and positioning my body directly over an A/C vent, I (try to) stay well-hydrated. This drink was super refreshing and cool, with just a tiny hint of sweetness. And even though you can't really see it in the pics, it was a pretty pale green color. This was more of an improvisation; all you really need are herbs, hot water, and something to brew in. So go make something up!

Apple Mint + Lemon Balm Summer Tisane

a small bunch of your favorite aromatic herbs, chiffonade-ed*. I used apple mint and lemon balm from the University of Memphis' edible garden, but there's chocolate mint, cinnamon basil, etc, etc.
a couple tablespoons of sugar (honey, agave nectar...)
2-4 cups hot water

Place your herbs in a French press and add your sweetener. Pour over hot water. Mix with a wooden spoon and muddle the herbs at the bottom. Allow to steep for at least 30 minutes, press, and let the mixture finish cooling in the fridge.

I also made some ice cubes of the mixture because I hates diluted drinks. Pour the mixture over ice and serve.

*to chiffonade herbs that are tedious to cut otherwise (basil, I am looking at you), roll them up into a little log and slice cross-wise to make long strips. A sharp knife is key here!

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