Sunday, August 29, 2010

This Season is Wearing Out its Welcome

Summer, I tire of you.

Brisket from No. 14, on a toasted whole-wheat butter roll from Big Ono Bakery, schmeared with some Bonnie Blue Farms goat cheese. Vegetables tossed with olive oil+salt+pepper and roasted: Mai Vue red potatoes, Whitton Farms carrots, U of M garden okra. The sammich was inspired by a conversation with the owner of Big Ono at the MFM yesterday. He told me that the South of Beale gastropub uses these rolls for their burgers, but hastened to add that I didn't look like much of a burger girl to him. Which is totally not true.

Fall, I am impatient. Cooper-Young Festival, my birthday, caramel-apple pops, butternut squash -- please to be hurrying.

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