Monday, November 8, 2010

Snapshots from the Memphis Farmers Market Harvest Celebration 2010

The Harvest Celebration at the Amtrak Central Station is the MFM's biggest annual fundraiser. Lots of great local restaurants (Iris, McEwen's, Felicia Suzanne's, Itta Bene... and on and on) provide the food, the beer and wine flow, and the silent auction bidders give us money accordingly. Seriously, last night raised a ton of money for the market, which is awesome. It especially needs it for its Raise the Roof campaign to build a pavilion expansion so vendors won't have to set up in the hot, hot sun (or rain). If you're interested in making a donation to the expansion, go here--they still have a ways to go to match their Tennessee Department of Agriculture Grant.

Anyway, I worked the ticket table last night, which turned into the cash-out table after the silent auction was over. It's always a madhouse, but people were patient and happy to walk out with their gift certificates, pottery, getaway packages, and child-sized kayaks (our volunteers helped carry that one to the car).

Setting up, pre-party, with beautiful light shining through the upper windows of Central Station. This picture does it no justice. The lovely decorations were actually left over from a wedding reception the night before -- shh! We are nothing if not resourceful ;)

After we finished ticket sales, the vols got to eat! Tons of Thanksgiving dinner-ey food here, but my vote for "best thing I ate" goes to Restaurant Iris' gratin of brussels sprouts and cauliflower (seen here at 3 o'clock). Also, under that bun in the middle was an excellent pork slider. From I don't remember where. The thing to the right was beef stew spiked with coffee, beer, and what tasted like cinnamon. Definitely a recipe to steal.

After the furor of silent auction cash-out was over, the locally-brewed Ghost River Black Magic was indeed welcome.

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