Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Behold, a Rug!

In the fall of 2007, I got it into my head that my college dorm room needed some warmth and personal touches. And because I didn't (and don't) have cable, I have nothing better to do, so I was going to make it happen myself. A braided rug! I must have exclaimed, in a nod to my Mennonite upbringing. So I trotted off to a fabric store in the 'burbs and purchased whatever I could find on sale.

Fast-forward three and a half years, and the thing is finally done!

It followed me from dorm room to the houses I sat, to my first apartment in Vollentine-Evergreen, home to my parents' house over the holidays, to my current house in Cooper-Young. I worked on it a little at a time, when I had time. It took many nights of cutting, braiding, and sewing (generally while watching Angel or Veronica Mars on my computer, to keep my hands busy), but I finished it last week and it's bringing a little more coziness to my bedroom already.

It's a little over four feet in diameter, and will probably ultimately be a bit bigger than that once the stitches relax a little (I think I stitched too tightly in some places, so the braids bunch up next to one another here and there). Well worth the initial $50 outlay for fabric. Yeah, Anthropologie, I am looking at you.

I'm currently in DIY withdrawal, though. I think my next project is going to be cloth dinner napkins. Will post about them in another three and a half years or so.

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