Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Just Wanna Write a Song About a Boy & a Girl

Normally (unless you're a kid and have friends with cool parents who let them pass out candy with their classroom Valentines), I think Valentine's Day is crock. Reading the cooking/design blogs this week has been exhausting for all the red and pink frippery. I weary of the the commercialism of what is basically a made-up holiday anyway, BUT I did get a little crafty on my snow day to tell my SO that I think:

And he is.

Family chocolate cake recipe and Jones Orchard strawberries in the frosting.

Other bits and bobs floating through my life right now:

Put an egg on it. Anything-topped-with-an-egg is such a cooking blog cliche, but polenta+fried egg is really good for breakfast, good for lunch, good for what ails ya.

Delicious Dodson Farm sweet potato and turnip gratin with English cheddar. Check out the recipe here on Design*Sponge. So indescribably savory and good. I'm making another one right now to stave off the temptation that is the Young Avenue Deli's cheese fries at trivia later tonight.

Chewie's no fool; she knows where the warmest spot in the house is.

On another note, I'm in a legal clinic this semester and all of a sudden find my agenda marked with ominous words like "Go to court," so time's been scarce. I'll post again when I can.

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