Monday, April 18, 2011

Eating Local in Memphis, Exam-Style Part 2

Some random things before I drag myself to (the last week of) class (ever).

Two local breakfasts:

Omelette with Flora Farms duck egg (1 duck egg+a little milk is PLENTY), Whitton Farms sorrel, Bonnie Blue Farms goat cheese, plus some Jones Orchard strawberries on the side.

Wheatberries, Jones Orchard strawberries, pecans.

Food news Memphis can use: Food trucks are coming to Court Square tomorrow from 11-2, in support of City Council legislation that would allow more opportunities for these trucks here. I'll definitely be there to grab lunch. If you're Downtown, try to stop by!

Gargantuan tomato plant from Bennett-Burke Nursery! (My awkward leg for height reference.)

A particularly encouraging fortune.

Finally, gratuitous cute kitten picture of the week: these clothes were dirty anyway, right?

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