Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Simple Potato

Gahhh blogger layout changes ///change is hard.

Work/life changes have been many and varied. My co-clerks and I started work about a month ago and stared into the gaping maw of a big deadline at the end of this month. As we get closer, it turns out not to be full of sharp teeth, but getting ready for it has consumed a lot of time nonetheless.

Anyway. I love my new job, but adjusting to it has taken time from my evenings. Hence with the not blogging. And my new kitchen has terrible light, which is a perfectly legitimate aesthetic reason for not feeling inspired to take pictures. But I have found time to try my hand at canning (salsa!) and cheese-making (ricotta!). Both of which kind of feel like magic.

The first month on the job was an exercise in remembering how to make really simple things. Lots of egg burritos, risottos, etc. This humble little dish is from the Kitchn and came from a need to use up a lemon before it went bad. I ate two potatoes from Ly Vu Produce roasted on a bed of supersweet onions from Flora Farms. It was filling and nourishing and about all I needed at the time.

As for a Spain update, see Jessica's series: Barcelona, Aragon and Navarra, the Basque country, and Madrid.

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