Friday, November 18, 2011

Snapshots from the Memphis Farmers Market Harvest Celebration 2011

Alright! The only-a-couple-weeks-overdue Memphis Farmers Market Harvest Celebration post! (Check out last year's here.) The HC is one of the best parts about being an MFM volunteer, and I look forward all season to seeing people, eating delicious food from some of the best restaurants in town, and supporting the market.

My post at the check-in table.

The vols maybe started drinking before the guests arrived...

Pretty dining room at Central Station.

If money were no object, this is what I'd bid on: a retreat in the cabin on Jim and Gail Tanner's Bonnie Blue Farms + a chance to milk goats.

Or maybe a gorgeous bowl from MAC Woodworks.

Hah, enough with spending imaginary moneys; onto the main attraction: the food! Clockwise from top left, that's a lady pea and purple hull pea salad from McEwen's, Neola Farms brisket spring roll with basil, mint, arugula, and pickled peppers from Rizzo's Diner, and baby greens salad with feta, dried cranberries, and candied pecans from Cheffie's.

Best thing I ate: goat cheese grits (more goat cheese than grit) with mushroom fricassee from the Elegant Farmer. And if you haven't been to the Elegant Farmer yet, do yourself a favor and go. The SO and I went after I found out I passed the bar, and I've been haunted by my sweet corn/okra/cherry tomato hash ever since.

A hard-earned Ghost River Oktoberfest after the madness of checkout.

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